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Discover the wonders of Richard Sher Digital Art! Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, as I used Autodesk's 3DS MAX and now I focus on Blender software to transform my imagination into fine art prints. Let your mind wander through the intricate details of my artwork.

Richard Sher

 "Pura Vida" it means Pure Life in Costa Rica where I'm living.  I built these graffiti elements to learn
the  Shader Editor in Blender


volume 1
bubble PV with green line art2

Here I' built the text using a inflate modifier to simulate a balloon, applied a shiny gold material

water shader 15 small

I was looking for a ice cube glassy effect that rendered a refraction of the painted colors in the letters volume.

water shader 7

Another glassy look with a blue tone.

volume 3

This cool effect is accomplished using a "Volume Shader that uses the shape of the model and fills it with a randomized cloud volume.

PV yellow on Blue

Taking inspiration from different street art examples and layered the text models on to a backplate.

Puravida graffiti 2

More drippy art reminiscing of something I saw in the lower east side of New Your City.

kiitchen tiles 2

Using a displacement shader to create the ribbing in the letters.

main Blue PV

A great chrome reflection shader to cuts into the words.

dec PV bubbley 15

Sea shell shader isn't it?

just volume PV tiny
dec PV bubbley 17

Remind me to upload the "Node tree" AKA the Setup for how I created this look. just email me and I be happy to go into more details for all of these "looks".

volume 10 z b

I used multiple materials for the the outline and the fill of the text.

bright letters on brown plate on pebbles.png
fifth plate6 with kitchen tiles 6b.png
kitchen pv on 5th plate.png
fifth plate6 with kitchen tiles 4.png


Living in Wallace, ID


Own  property near Hojancha

    (208) 212-1060  Wallace, ID

    (650) 614-1664     Skype 

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