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How Blender saved me during this difficult time in my life

My life blew up. Marriage, money, buying the wrong stocks...

In the 1990's I had a production company called 3Space/CGI. We were one of a small group that left the SGI workstations for lots of PCs. I learned what was the first  3d system that would Gen Lock to a house sync signal it was called the Picture Maker by Cubicomp in 1984, then I learned Wavefront, and Alias, then settled on 3DSMAX. Forward twenty years and I'm 68 years old and learning Blender!

 In 2006 I bought into a housing development in Tamarindo, Costa Rica.  It was a big move and looking back I can't believe how one could make such a blunder. The market was hot but the financial housing crisis was creating an enormous wave and I got slammed. The woman I was married to left and the house was robbed clean of everything, furniture and all by the developer. this backstory is solely intended to set up the title of my introduction "How Learning Blender saved my life."

It did because I focused on learning this program which I must add appeared to be a daunting undertaking for two reasons. First I was sixty-eight years old and had nod not touched a 3-D app since 2000. The second reason is, This house had become an overwhelming project to successfully manage.... for lots of reasons. I was in a state. 

I let myself have as much time as I needed to Grock the nature of the workspace. I watched every tutorial I found on Youtube, often I would watch them over and over again for the past three years. 

I discovered an inner strength that kept me focused and I began to feel a peaceful feeling that I have not known before, now.

These are a sample of the great procucers of Blender tutorials:

Grant Abbot for the so well crafted, easy to understanding, and witty commentary for beginners and intermediate  users

Blender Guru for getting me started with his charming humor and tutorials that build on each other 

The Default Cube Guy for manifesting the potential of this application with brilliant, funny, and incredible comprehension of Blender


CG Geek

Great offerings and in-depth examples.

Erwin Dale XYZ

Sophicated indepth knowlgs of shadera and geometery nodes

Inspiration Tuts

Another wonderful source of learning Blender


Great material shader addon and examples

Ryan King Art

Concise tutorials that bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate and advanced learning

Joey Carlino

Anather masterful understadning of Blender

Many more ...

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